Top 5 reasons to move to France!

In today’s political climate, many British residents are looking at other European countries for permanent residency. France is one of the top options, and with obvious efforts by France, involving recent policy updates, to become a desirable residency for foreigners it is easy to see why.

France in its entirety can be divided into a total of twenty-two regions, and the whilst the details differ from one region to another, the overall desirability of France as a permanent resident is the same throughout the country.

Here are the top five reasons expats are choosing France as a place to call home!

# Reason One – Excellent standards of free basic education

France is a world class leader in state education systems. Compulsory and state funded basic education is available to all residents of France, including expats. This makes for a compelling reason to choose France above other options, including the United Kingdom, when considering your children’s education. Additionally, growing up in France, and learning French as a second language already gives your children an edge in today’s international marketplace. French is becoming increasingly used in global trade, particularly as it is spoken as a native language in many African cultures.

With the French government’s high education standards, France offers far better prospects to the expat community when planning your family’s future. Additionally, France offers a wide variety of tertiary education options that are more than able to meet all your further education needs. Again, if you have already been schooled in French, it is an easy transition to move into tertiary education in French, as opposed to students who must learn French in addition to a university curriculum.

# Reason Two – Safer living environment

According to a statement by the Guardian in July 2017, ( )

“Police-recorded crime has risen by 10% across England and Wales – the largest annual rise for a decade.”

This is an obvious and real cause for concern for all U.K. citizens – and a large motivating factor to consider moving abroad. France offers a comparatively safe living environment, and as a result a better quality of life. The effects of crime on individuals is multi-faceted and a community offering a safer living environment is of utmost importance when considering your future at any age.

Again, there are obvious differences in official crime statistics from one region to anotherwhen considering urban versus rural environments, but overall France offers much lower crime rate than the current situation within the United Kingdom.

This is large, and often driving reason, to consider France as a permanent residency for all current British citizens.

# Reason Three – Excellent universal public healthcare

Recent amendments to the French Healthcare Legislation have led to the roll out of what is known as a “universal public healthcare” system for all French permanent residents, even foreigners. Proudly boasting one of the best healthcare systems in the world, this fantastic healthcare is now available to expat residents within France.

With the National Healthcare Service of the United Kingdom suffering from much criticism and widespread collapse from understaffed facilities dealing with increased community needs this is another reason to make France a top contender as a permanent residence.

# Reason Four – Commercial hub of activity

Especially considering current Brexit discussions and the related implications to travel and commerce with the United Kingdom, France is fast becoming a more inviting option for global trade. With relatively low barriers to entry for commerce, and a highly competitive free market economy system, France offers better prospects for global trade. For residents of France, this means a wide variety of world class products and services at competitive prices. In addition, for prospective entrepreneurs, it is easier to establish new legal business entities and French legislation is geared at encouraging new businesses and offers many incentives to small business owners in this regard.

Many young professionals currently working in London are being forced to consider Paris a new home. Many global head offices for large multinational corporations are moving to Paris in the wake of Brexit discussions to embrace this more competitive and less legislated commercial environment.

# Reason Five – Rich in culture, arts and entertainment

On a lighter note, French is famous for its “romantic” culture and thriving artistic community. Paris has a long history of creating an inspiring artistic environment for many fashion and other arts related industries to call home.

Even for those less inclined to the arts by trade, France offers a wide variety of cultural influences and a vibrant entertainment community offering a constantly changing “smorgasbord” of entertainment and educational past times!