France has become one of the most popular destinations for expats looking to relocate permanently. It is not difficult to see why.

Paris, the capital of France, is a vibrant and competitive business epicenter of the European Continent. France boasts one of the top education systems worldwide, and basic education is state funded. This alone makes a compelling case for most families from the United Kingdom to consider permanent relocation. France has a comparatively low crime rate when compared with the United Kingdom, further encouraging families to consider this as a more welcoming environment to raise young children.

Recent reforms to the public healthcare legislation in France allow expats living in France to receive public healthcare treatment provided by the state. France’s healthcare system is one of the top public healthcare coverage worldwide.


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John Doherty (Doherty’s Plumbing and Electrical Services)

“As a father of two young girls, my wife and I started discussing moving the family business to France when considering education options for our children. With the help of Matthew Clarke of the Association Louis Carlesimo Professional Relocation services, it was much easier than we would ever have thought possible to register our business and begin trading in rural France. On top of this, Matthew helped us find the best region in France to suit our family’s needs and register with the local schools. The entire process was smoother and surprisingly easy thanks to this professional guidance. We still can’t believe we are living in France!”

Natasha Owen (Head of H.R. at Healthcare Today Digital Media Agency)

“When our firm first started discussing relocating to Paris as our main office, I was sure it would be an organizational nightmare. We enlisted Matthew Clarke’s expertise in this regard from early in our discussions, and his professional insights and advise have been invaluable to our company. We were able to offer our staff a clear and definite plan to follow to join our new offices and minimize any potential losses to our company. We have never looked back since opening our Paris office, and are now the most requested branch within our company!”

Michelle Campbell (Freelance Drama Teacher and Actress)

“I wasn’t sure that moving to France would be a good decision for me personally when I first started talking to Matthew! He quickly responded with relevant work options for me currently available in France and the best French agencies to list with as an actress and I was convinced by the demand for Freelance teachers like myself, and the demand for actors. I have enlisted with the local acting society and I love socializing and discussing projects with my new friends and family in France!”


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